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Covered California was created to develop an easy-to-use marketplace where most Californians can get health coverage that cannot be denied by health insurance companies or canceled if they are sick or have a pre-existing health condition, such as asthma or diabetes.

By 2014, about 2.6 million Californians will be able to access financial assistance through Covered California to pay for their health insurance, and 1.4 million will be newly eligible for Medi-Cal. An additional 2.7 million will benefit from coverage that is guaranteed whether they buy an insurance plan through Covered California or on their own. All health insurance plans purchased through Covered California must cover certain services called essential health benefits. These include doctor visits, hospital stays, emergency care, maternity care, children’s care, prescriptions, medical tests and mental health care. Health insurance plans also must cover preventive care services, like mammograms and colonoscopies, for free. All plans being sold in the Covered California marketplace, as well as those sold outside it, will be required to include these benefits.

A Commitment to Californians

Covered California is committed to making sure that everyone is aware of their health insurance coverage options and can easily compare health insurance plans and choose the right one.

We know that choosing health insurance can be confusing, and we are here to help. We will be providing support in person, by phone and online. We are training people in local communities across the state who will help Californians learn about the new health insurance options available. These trained professionals will be able to offer help in many different languages.

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May 6th, 2014 by Tera Insurance Services